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Digital signing

A digital signature is a digital version of a handwritten or ‘wet’  signature and consists of digital data that is attached to a digital document. A digital signature makes sure that the wishes and the identity of the signatories are known and assures that the signed document is not changed.

On the website of our partner Zynyo you will find more information about digital signatures. Zynyo is a signing service provider in the Netherlands. They provide all services for advanced and qualified digital signatures. They also provide partitions for personal PKI certificates or the use of PKI-certified closure of signed documents.

All the PDF documents in the Brixxs platform are suitable for digital signing with Zynyo. In addition, we have developed specific functionality for creating and managing PDF quotes, orders, contracts, Forms etc.

Want to find out if digital signatures are interesting for your company? Review the cost examples below and check them against the following new way of working:

Cost components

  • Creating a document takes time
  • Printing a document takes time
  • Unavailability of a printer takes time
  • A malfunction in the printer takes time
  • Purchase costs and periodical costs of the printer
  • Maintenance costs of the printer
  • Consumption costs
  • Postage costs
  • Envelope costs
  • Paper costs
  • Costs made by losing paper documents
  • Waiting time for documents which have to be send back
  • Costs for monitoring not signed documents, such as follow-up calls or manually tracking
  • Mail reception and handling signed paper documents takes time
  • Purchase costs and periodical costs for a scanner
  • Maintenance costs for a scanner
  • Costs for archiving or destruction of signed paper documents

New way of working:

  • Create in an efficient way a form, contract, tender, order or other document type in our system, and optionally fill out the form automatically with data from your existing systems
  • Press the button for a digital signature
  • Monitor outstanding approvals with the dashboard and send automatic reminders
  • After automatic notifications about the digital approval, press the button to assure the handling of the digitally signed document either automatically or manually in your workflow, or automatically archive the signed document.

Do you want to share your findings with us and wish to decide together whether you can save money by using digital signatures? Please contact an expert.

For more information about the digital signature , you can visit the page of our partner Zynyo.

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