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Project management software

Project management software

Finally, PM software which is adaptable to your needs

  • Project changes can be digitally approved directly

  • Provide real-time insight into the project status to customers

  • Optimal collaboration between internal and external project participants

  • Building up a digital project file in the cloud

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    Project management software

    There are many project management software packages on the market. They all have one thing in common: they are too complex and contain too much functionality. We do it differently: we offer basic project functionality and give you the opportunity to supplement the app for your specific project management requirements, needed for your industry or specialization. The integration with your backend environment or omitting functionality is possible.

    Cloud project management

    If you want to collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners, we have portals and mobile apps that can be easily configured for you, based on your specific requirements. All securely stored in the cloud, so that everyone always and everywhere has insight into the current situation.

    Expand our Project Management software with digital signing

    You can save a lot of costs by handling project documents digitally. Also, digital approvals may be (legally) essential in projects where external employees are working or people remotely perform work. Examples include approvals for projects, project changes, milestone approvals, approval of timesheets, project acceptance, etc. Read more about digital signatures.

    A small selection of the many possibilities

  • Portfolio management

  • Project phases

  • Change projects through approval

  • Time registration and costs

  • Task management

  • Gantt Chart

  • Task planner

  • Digital signing

  • Easy collaboration

  • Dashboard management

  • Customization is always possible. Because of or our PaaS and SaaS platform, 80% will be configuration and 20% scripting.

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