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Document management system

Document management

Easily manage your documents and archives

  • Your documents safely stored in the cloud

  • Simply tagging documents

  • Alternative for Sharepoint

  • Every document can be digitally signed

  • Share your documents with customers

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    Document management system

    The flow of documents within organizations continues to increase, particularly by the increasing number of digital documents. This puts higher demands on storage, availability and retrievability. With a document management system (DMS) you automate the management of documents in such way, that the availability of documents and the information they keep, is guaranteed. Sharing documents with customers is possible. A good starting point for your digital transformation when you complete this with your personal requirements. The deployment of this system is quickly earned back. Our experts in document management will gladly calculate this with you.

    A small selection of the many possibilities

  • Enterprise search

  • Content management

  • Tagging documents

  • Versioning

  • The use of templates

  • Comprehensive security

  • Integration with all apps on our platform

  • Suitable for mobile, tablet or laptop

  • Customization is always possible. Because of or our PaaS and SaaS platform, 80% will be configuration and 20% scripting.

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