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Paperless meetings

Meetings take time, money and are often not efficient. But there are other dimensions that apply, such as the quality of the decision, the relevance of the documents and the extent to which the (internal and external) participants are prepared.

Papierloos vergaderenEffective meetings

Our app is currently the most complete meeting app. It provides a platform for effective collaboration, because all important aspects of  meetings are accessible from a single app. Think of calendar management, minutes management tasks that can be awarded to participants, workflows, meeting documents, etc.

brixxs document managementPaperless meetings, safely in the cloud

Our meeting app means no more paper for you anymore, because everything is registered centrally and securely stored in the cloud. Good for your CSR policy.


Digital signing for important decisions

In specific cases it may be important for internal or external persons to digitally sign with an authorized signature, while you remotely share information and comments. For example, this can be important  for a partnership, subcontractors or other legal arrangements in which deliberation plays a role. Read more about the digital signature.

Combine with video meetings


We work together with Dekom, a provider of video conferencing systems. Our meeting app and the Dekom video conference systems are a great complete solution for effective meetings.

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