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Commission contract


The undersigned


  1. (client name) , residing at (address client) to (abode principal), hereinafter referred to as client,




  1. (contractor name), residing at (address contractor) to (home contractor), hereinafter referred to as tenant, hereinafter referred to as the supplier,


consider the following:


ücontractor that specializes in ____ and that he/she is in that capacity, able and willing to carry out command defined below;

ü that the client and the supplier in wish to enter into a contract;

ü that the client and the supplier expressly not intended to have an employment contract;



the following are agreed as follows:


Article 1 nature and duration of the contract

  1. a) the command that the supplier will carry out for the client looks like this: ____ (a detailed description of the content of the contract)
  2. b) any additional agreements and/or commitments that are made upon completion of this agreement are binding only if and in so far as they have been confirmed in writing by the parties.
  3. c) the agreement is entered into for the duration of the agreed activities, so that it ends automatically when the work is completed.
  4. d) catch the work to op____ (start date) and shall end on ____ (date termination proceedings)


Article 2 execution of the work

  1. a) The work will be carried out door____ (name performer work).
  2. b) contractor smoking the work it is at your own risk and expense to perform in whole or in part by third parties, in which the contractor remains responsible for compliance with the agreements made.
  3. c) the contractor may take when entering into the agreement an obligation in itself and therefore the work undertakes to best knowledge and ability and as a carefully acting professional.


Article 3 remuneration and terms of payment

  1. a) for carrying out the work, the contractor will receive an amount of € ____-(amount), exclusive of VAT;
  2. b) travel costs and other expenses for the execution of the activities shall be borne by the contractor;
  3. c) sends the contractor for work performed after completion of (part of) the work, weten___ (part payments description) an invoice;
  4. d) client is held within a period of ___ the invoice (payment period) from the date of invoice to meet contractor;


Article 4 taxes and social contributions

  1. a) the contractor shall indemnify the contractor against payment of all taxes and social security contributions of the supplier.
  2. b) quarterly contractor submit an audit statement indicating that the supplier fulfil his obligations to pay taxes and social security contributions has met and has indicated. If a correct VAR WUO, or VAR DGA is required, then this paragraph not apply, unless the customer specifically requests from client here.
  3. c) if the supplier’s own staff commitment for the fulfilment of the work the contractor is obliged to report it at the request of the client and to contribute to the creation of a g-account to which tax due and premiums are paid up.
  4. d) when not or not fully complied with the provisions of Article 4a to 4 c client has the right to suspend payments to the contractor and to withhold tax and contributions payable on the suspended payments or directly to carry out on behalf of the WKA rockfalls the tax authorities.
  5. e) In none of these cases, the customer shall owe interest.



Article 5 termination of the agreement

  1. a) this agreement terminates by operation of law when the period referred to in article 1 has expired.
  2. b) The agreement may also be terminated after completing the work referred to in article 1.
  3. c) Both the client and the contractor may terminate the agreement subject to a notice period of 1 month; that will be made by registered mail.
  4. d) if and as soon as one of the parties has applied for suspension of payments or has been declared bankrupt, the other party without prior notice of default and without legal intervention, terminate the agreement with immediate effect. The aforementioned termination shall be by registered letter.



Article 6 confidentiality

  1. a) contractor and any by the contractor under this agreement to enable persons are required to maintain the confidentiality of all the information in them to under this agreement and the confidential nature of which is known, or could reasonably understand the confidential nature of which parties.
  2. b) for infringement of paragraph 1, the contractor to the customer forfeits a immediately and without further notice of default or judicial intervention being payable penalty of € 3.000,-€ per violation, plus 500,-for each day, or part of, that the infringement continues, without prejudice to the right of the client to claim compliance as well as the authority to the contractor in addition to these fine of full compensation of the damage. Payment of the fine does not relieve the supplier not mentioned in this article of the obligations laid down in paragraph 1.


Article 7 intellectual property

  1. a) copyrights and other intellectual property rights which result from work that the contractor for the implementation of this agreement on behalf of the client, shall belong to the customer.
  2. b) any reimbursement included in the fee is deemed to be relevant.


Article 8 Relationship clause

  1. a) is prohibited during the command as well as The contractor for a period of six months after termination of the assignment, subject to the prior written consent of the client enter the service at or, in any way, directly or indirectly, in the broadest sense of the term business contacts with relationships of the client where the contractor has had direct or indirect contact with it.
  2. b) if the supplier violates his/her obligations under the provisions of paragraph 1 of this article acts, he/she will without any notice of default being required to the client, for any breach of forfeit a fine amounting to € 3.000,–as well as a penalty of € 500,–for each day or part of a day that the offense after the discovery thereof by the customer’s communication continues, without prejudice to the competence of the client instead of this fine full to claim damages. Payment of the fine does not relieve the contractor of the obligations laid down in this article.


Article 8 Insurance

  1. a) contractor explains a professional and/or liability insurance to have completed that sufficiently cover against damage, which may arise on or as a result of the implementation of the agreed activities.
  2. b) any liability of the supplier is at all times limited to the amount determined by the insurer under the insurance shall be paid by the contractor.


Article 9 General terms and conditions

This contract and the performance of this agreement is subject to the terms and conditions of the contractor dated ____ (date), as filed bij____ (commercial register or registry Court). Application of the client’s general terms and conditions is expressly excluded.


Article 10 applicable law and competent court

This agreement is governed exclusively Dutch law is applicable. All disputes regarding this agreement and the resulting commands are brought before the competent court in Rotterdam.


Thus agreed and two copies, per page initialed and signed


to ____ (place) dated _____ (date)


Principal                                                                               Contractor


Name                                                                                    Name

Signature                                                                             Signature



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