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Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?

strategic managementDigital transformation is a hot issue. On all sides digital startups catch up to traditional companies. These start-ups can deliver much more value through technological enablers and are more cost efficient. Yet often these ‘starters’ are not real start-ups, but companies with many millions in venture capital and a double digit growth strategy. The ultimate digital issue for the years to come is digital transformation: how can an existing company reinvent itself and take advantage of new developments such as customer experience, interface design, big data, analytics, internet of things or digital disruption? Only if an existing company can reinvent itself, it can remain relevant in this era dominated by technology. Piping hot startups like Uber, Nest and Netflix often have the vote of the consumer, because newer, cooler and more enjoyable than the often bureaucratic, dull, and mass-oriented traditional businesses. It is time for start-ups within the corporate world, in other words the digital transformation.

You are not on your own

We not only have knowledge of new technology, but we also go a step further. Digital transformation is not an end goal. It is a continuous process where from a view of open innovation principles, we look together at the IT maturity of the organization, strategic objectives and the pace of change that has to take place. Next to the focus on the strategy and tactical completion, we deliver practical software solutions directly. On our website you will find plenty of concrete examples of our cloud apps. This means decisiveness and speed are two important factors to be successful in a rapidly changing environment.

Start today

It is not complicated to make a beginning. We see three necessary steps you need to complete, and of course the human factor shouldn’t be forgotten.

As a first step we recommend to look at a not to complicated process, with not much impact. We know a 100% sure that there are processes to be improved in your organization. In addition to this quick win and acquaintance with Brixxs, we can also initiate a dialogue about our partnership and your strategic capabilities. The second step is process optimization, we need to pave the way for new things. Our software applications are ideal to optimize specific business processes in the way you want, quickly and flexibly without major financial budgets. The third step is an implementation of the chosen strategic direction: digital transformation initiatives that strategically will make the difference!

Do not wait until tomorrow, but start the dialogue with us today.

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