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HRM software

The use of our HR software immediately saves managers time. Paper documents as leave requests, expense reports, moving announcements and illness reports are all digitized, stored securely in the cloud and is with a push of a button available for handling. The information is immediately captured by the employees themselves, reducing the chance of errors and time-consuming repairs. Employees themselves are digitally mutating in the system, which otherwise would take time of the manager or the administration. Walking to a file cabinet will no longer be necessary, because (management) information is constantly available in a single portal, clearly displayed and visible on all devices.

Expand the HR software with valid digital signatures

Save a lot of costs by handling employee documents digitally. By the use of Word documents or PDF Forms, data from our HR solution and other systems can be used to fill out forms. You can think of:

  • Employment contracts
  • review Forms
  • Personal development plans
  • Lease contracts
  • Official warnings

Read more about digital signatures here.



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