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Business Process Management

Business process management

The right information at the right time

  • Make your customer part of your business processes

  • Efficiency improvement by streams of digital information and less paper

  • Legally valid digital approvals are available

  • Optimal user experience for both internal and external customers

  • Rapidly configured to your needs

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    Business Process Management

    A business process plays an important role in implementing digital transformation, in which customer satisfaction and service towards the customer plays an important role. Our Business Process Management app focuses on processes such as strategic capital, so you can know , manage and improve your maximum added value for your customers. We use, amongst other features, task management, documents, employees, role definitions, decision-making processes, conditions and content creation. Important building blocks for your digital transformation as you complement this with your personal requirements.

    A small selection of the many possibilities

  • You can support your tasks with digital information

  • Process stages ensure that you can control your process

  • Use of conditions

  • Using variables to calculate the start and end date when creating a task

  • Approval processes and digital signatures

  • Adjustments by drag and drop functionality

  • Comment on tasks

  • Keep track of an audit trail

  • Add and read documents

  • Collaborate with multiple people on a task

  • Customization is always possible. Because of or our PaaS and SaaS platform, 80% will be configuration and 20% scripting.

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